BTS Women Empowerment and Fashion Segment


Last night I had the awesome privilege of speaking on the Women Ignited Now Show. The show is truly inspirational. There is something about a forum where women can come together and elevate one another. Where women can come together not be jealous and envious but support and promote one another. That’s what true empowerment is about.

I was able to speak on my love for fashion, why I decided to start a brand and how I juggle my spiritual life, motherhood and being a CEO.

Without giving too much away (you’ll have to tune in soon) I was so in awe of how far I’ve become. When you take a minute to think about life and how you got to the place your at now, its s such a wonderful feeling. Not a feeling of regret, but a feeling of gratitude. Being able to start over and live out your dreams.

By following your dreams you will come to know that failure is part of the success. It isn’t always that bad and it is part of the process. You need to fall before you can stand up again.  A dream is strong enough to define you, once accomplished you prove to others they have no say in who you can and can’t be.

You become what you believe you are.